We are revolutionizing cannabinoid medicines.

By applying our portfolio of drug delivery technologies to cannabinoids, we will harness and enhance the potential of cannabinoids to address unmet medical needs, redefining how patients benefit from this important class of therapeutics.







Receptor Life Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company developing oral and inhaled cannabinoid medicines characterized by rapid absorption, high bioavailability and consistent dosing. Receptor’s pharmaceutical drug delivery technologies are validated by their use in FDA-approved products.

Receptor’s oral products are designed to enhance drug absorption from the GI tract, leading to improved bioavailability and reduced variability compared to existing oral cannabinoid products.

Receptor’s inhaled products combine a simple-to-use, breath-powered inhaler with dry powder formulations of cannabinoids, providing ultra-rapid, consistent and discreet delivery of cannabinoid medicines to the deep lung.

The company’s product candidates are currently in a preclinical stage of development. Check back regularly for updates to our pipeline priorities.

Receptor Life Sciences is dedicated to creating products that provide patients with consistent, safe and effective outcomes.

Press Release

SEATTLE - Receptor Holdings (RHI) and its subsidiary, Receptor Life Sciences, Inc. (RLS), a leading biopharmaceutical company developing FDA-regulated oral and inhaled cannabinoid medicines, today announced the appointment of James B. Weissman to the Board of Directors of RHI.

Press Release

SEATTLE - Receptor Life Sciences (RLS), a leader in FDA-regulated cannabinoid medicine drug development using proprietary delivery technologies, today announced the formation of its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).